Who exactly is she?

Well, this is what I know:

In 1900 she shows up on the census for the US as 2 years old and living in Wisconsin with her Mother and siblings.

In 1920, she is living as a boarder at the home of Ruby Gorsline and family in Peoria , Illinois. Ruby later goes on to marry a man named Lewis Luthy. Obviously, there is some connection to Marie but I’m not sure exactly what. There is a sibling on the 1900 census listed as Losie. Could be a nickname or misspelling for Lewis.

As a side note, Lewis works as a refrigerator engineer for a creamery. Remember Harry Sr. got the granddaughter of the man who owned the creamery in Illinois pregnant. Connection? Hmm…

In 1930, Marie is living in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.  working as a cook in a restaurant. She is listed as living alone.

In 1935, she is living in Miami, Florida.

In 1940, She is again living in Wisconsin with her mother and father and Harry McRae Jr. who is 9. He is listed as the grandson of the head of house, Martin, Marie’s father. She lists her status as divorced.

Harry Jr. is born in April of 1930. Harry Sr. marries Mary Hill in May of 1930.

How does Harry Jr., end up with Marie in 1940 and where was Mary Hill between 1935 and 1940.

Why was Harry Jr. not living with Harry Sr. and Mary Hill in 1935. Where was he? Was he just left off the census?

I’m beginning to form the idea that Marie Luthy was Harry’s mother and not an aunt as Harry was told.

Harry Jr.  told me before he passed away that he had to go live up north with an aunt after Harry Sr. killed his mother. He thought maybe Chicago, which is interesting because that is where Marie was born and where the creamery’s main office was located and owned by the family of the girl who got pregnant by Harry Sr.

What a tangled web we weave. I’m still researching.

Harry Jr 2 Harry Jr.

Harry Sr. & Mary Hill Marriage CertHarry Sr. and Mary Hill Marriage License.

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