I’m always looking on Pinterest and FB or other sites for inspiring quotes to encourage me to continue on with what I love to do, to write.

I don’t think I really need these little platitudes. I am just about 14,000 words into my novel and I’m commited at this point.

I think once I get this first novel out of the way, I would like to go back to writing about Mary Hill and her possible murder. Problem being, I don’t know how it ends. I know it’s an intriguing mystery but I’m at a brick wall with it. So, time will tell if I can crack the wall. Of course, I could always use it as the basis for a fictional murder mystery.

I think what had been on my mind lately, are two things. First, the joy I have found in my life now that I am doing what I always knew I was meant to do. This doesn’t imply that I will ever be published. This only means that I am doing what fulfills me at my deepest level of being. My soul is what I call it.

I wonder sometimes why it took so long. I know there were a number of life issues that always seemed to get in the way not the least of which was my illness. I can remember writing bits and pieces as far back as my memory goes. Why did they never turn in to anything substantial. I wonder but I don’t ponder. Time is what it is and looking back is pointless.

I only know that, at this point in my life, I have a happiness that is greater than ever before. I was not that unhappy prior to this but I was searching. I have a great peace now.

The other thing that’s been on my mind is my ancestors. I am stalled at present. I have 2 or 3 things I want to find out about but not having much luck.

First, obviously is the Mary Hill saga. Then, I need to make some definitive connections between my Nova Scotia ancestors and their ancestors. I’m good as far my great great grandparents. Beyond that, I think I have made some progress. With a few people, I have made great progress. I’m afraid that to go on, might require a trip to Nova Scotia.

Very early on, I wrote about ancestral memories. I feel the memories still. I feel them echoing in my bones. I know I am a product of all that went before me and who went before me. It’s as real to me as the people who are with me today.

I’m in a good place right now in my life and I hope they know that. I hope that they can see me, just one of the products of their lives. If I could talk to them in person, I would tell them it was worth it. I stand on their shoulders, smiling because life is good.



Hello. I am the author of the Historical Fiction novel called Mamie Garrison. It is a tale of slavery, abolition, romance and history, set in the years just prior to the Civil War. It is available on Kindle for .99 and also in paperback. Mamie Garrison has a dual storyline. The present day story involves Bella and Andrew finding Mamie's journals. Their story includes romance and paranormal aspects. Mamie's story follows her adventures as an abolitionist through her journals. There are some mysteries as well as an unusual background in Mamie's life. I have completed book two in my series. Colin Garrison, Book 2 of The Garrisons is available at Amazon.com/dp/B0759MYN81. Please see my Colin Garrison page under the menu option for a small sample of this new book. The third and final book in the series, Emily Garrison is now available. Please see above for link. I am 62 with one adult child and one grandchild. I have always enjoyed the written word and have been a voracious reader from my early youth. I am inspired by many authors in the historical fiction genre. I am also a lover of Russian literature, particularly Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. I find great inspiration for creating characters by looking at the ones these two authors have created. There is such a depth to them. I have written for most of my life in one form or another. I have dabbled in poetry and songwriting, and have more started novels than finished ones. In my free time, I like reading, history and travel. I am interested in genealogy and working on my family tree. I live in St Louis.

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