Well, I could not find a picture of a Michael in my phone, so I will have to do that later.

To continue, once I had met Jackie, my bio mother, we began to meet sporadically. She was in the care of a social worker among others. I would connect with the social worker from time to time for updates.

It wasn’t long before Jackie was back to her old drugging and drinking ways. Sometime shortly after I met her, which was in the late 1970s, I decided to move to Asheville, North Carolina. This was in 1981, before Asheville became as trendy as it is now. I was there to go to the University of N C Asheville campus.

Not long after I got there, I got a letter from Jackie that she was moving to North Carolina. It is sad that Jackie always felt the need to attach herself to someone that she could live off of.

At any rate, I don’t know if she made it. I received a card saying she did but I never saw her there. If she was trying to find me, she did a terrible job. I think after a time, she gave up and went back to FL. I did not know where in Asheville she was. She had not left a phone number or address.

I did see her again in FL though. Around the time Michael died, she resurfaced. It is difficult to say much about Jackie because she was in and out of my life so many times between when I met her in 1976, I think it was, and when Michael died in 1987. She would descend into her own underworld and usually surface when she wanted something.

During this time, I had moved around a bit and I would lose touch, then I would reconnect. I think I wanted to try and help her too, but in reality, I was too late for her and Michael. I was warned by other family members I had found to not get too close or she would be on me all the time for money. I didn’t have any anyway at that time but I got the point.

It is a long and confusing story about Jackie and hard to follow, I know. Much later, in the years right before she died, I did see her a few times and well, I’ll get to that eventually. It was better, I’ll say that.

Sometime, in the early 1990s I found the name and phone number of an Aunt Juanita. Jackie may have given it to me, but I honestly don’t remember how I got it. We talked on the phone a few times. Juanita was able to fill in the history of my grandmother and great grandmother for me. She was very gracious about supplying information and also warning me about Jackie. Jackie was a drug addict, I didn’t really need the warning but it was well meant.

In 1996, I received a phone call from Juanita, asking me if I had heard from my brother and sister. They had found my bio father, Harry and through him, Juanita. I was floored. I had known they existed and even tried at one time to find them but was not able to.

Now, it seems, they were all in one place. Harry was in Bartow, FL. Jackie was in St Pete and Sherry and Steve were in Tampa.

All my loose ends were coming together.

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