My brother Steve and wife Debby

My sister Sherry

I believe I left off with finding most of my bio family in Tampa, FL.

I received the call from my Aunt Juanita regarding my bio siblings the day I returned from a trip to FL , where of course, they all were. What are the odds?

I called my sister Sherry and we talked for quite a long time. We made arrangements for my family and I to visit her in March of 96. My brother, flew in from N Mexico, his home and we all met my bio father, Steve.

Yes, it was overwhelming. It was also comforting in a closure sort of way. I had many of my questions answered and was told some things, I didn’t know I wanted to know.

Sherry and I went to see Jackie who was in a group home in St. Pete. We were able to take her to lunch and spend time with her. Sherry had never met her.

Sherry and I had a lot of similarities and Steven and I are pretty much cut from the exact same mold. It is interesting to see how DNA plays such an important part in our heritage. This brings up the whole nature vs nurture debate, which I won’t go into but suffice to say, we were more alike than different.

Sadly, both my bio mother and father passed away shortly after in 2000 and 2001. They had both been sober for some time. Their hard lives showed in their faces, particularly Jackie, who was only 61 when she died but looked much older.

An interesting side note. My adopted mother and father have
met Sherry a number of times over
the years. On one particular occasion, while having lunch together, my dad told us this story.

Jackie had come to him a few years later, after giving me up for adoption, and brought Sherry and Steven to him asking if he would find them homes. He was not sure at the time that they were actually my siblings, but also admitted that he was afraid it might look strange to the “authorities ” that he adopted siblings years apart. So, he sent Jackie to another lawyer.

Sherry and Steven ended up in foster care. My dad said if he had known they would end up that way, he would have adopted them. There were many ifs involved and things were not like they are now where adoption is concerned. In the late 1950s, everything was very secretive. No open adoptions, unless it was behind the scenes.

It was generous of my dad to say that. Would he really have adopted them both. Maybe. It was clear that one of his fears was that my adoption which was totally illegal would come to light and social services would take me away.

We’ll, there you have it as best I remember it. Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading.


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