My gut instinct tells me there is some truth to this.

Why are we not listening? Are we really that distracted?

Again, my gut instinct tells me that we are as a people very distracted.

There is so much going on in our world today. Good and bad, but I must admit, I have days when the bad does drive me to distraction. Not a good place for a writer to be.

The other night there was a post on FB with an accompanying video of a women abusing a young child. Not only was I distracted, but I was emotionally distraught. I cried for awhile over that one.

Now, I believe in the importance of being able to share what you want on FB, within reason. Did this cross the line of reason? Maybe. I also will admit I can be over emotional at times. At the very least, the video should have had a warning.

Anyway, I give this example as a way to ask the question, what is distracting us? Why aren’t we listening? And, if we are listening, are we hearing? Is the distraction interfering in our lives, as the video I saw on FB did mine.

We all know that social media is distracting, but is it blocking our ability to listen?

I have no answers. Like most of you, I spend a great deal of time on SM for promotion and recreation, and probably will continue to do so.

But, I am willing to make an effort to listen more. To be present to what’s being said. To give the moment my full attention.

What are your thoughts?

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